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Since more than 40 years we are serving our customers with spin-finishes for versatile applications.
Our product-range comprises all relevant polymer-types as well as all standard production-technologies.
Here we are fucusing on the achievement of high yarn-quality and production-efficiency in the production and down-stream-processing of the different yarn-types.
Further we pay high attention that our products providing good work-place environment in the facilities of our customers and are in compliance with legal requirements (REACh).
Due to the increasing awareness about the use of chemicals in the textile manufacturing process we've applied for the ECO-PASSPORT-certification for almost all our main products. In this procedure an independent institute confirms the compliance of the products with the requirements of the OEKO-TEX 100 Standard. The ECO-PASSPORT certificate further confirms the compliance according to ZDHC - Level 1.
Besides our standard-products, used in high volumes by our customers worldwide, we always offer to develop tailormade solutions for customer-specific applications in close cooperation.


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