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In the range of polyolefins used for synthetic yarns the most common type is polypropylene (PP). The specific properties of this polymer is setting specific demands for the properties of the spin finish in spinning and down-stream processing. The compatibility of the polymer and the components used for the spin finish must be considered. Due to the hydrophobic character of the polymer a specifically designed wetting-system is required. This behaviour also causes difficulties in dyeing in the down-stream. Therefore, it is very common to spin already coloured yarns using a masterbatch including the dyestuff. Various colours and shades are available, which could provide individually influences on the processing properties to be considered in the design of the spin finish.
The main use of PP-yarns is the production of textile floor-coverings (carpet). Further uses are other interior-applications, coverings, belts and ropes. Very fine deniers are also used for apparel and functional textiles (sportswear).
PP is also widely used as staple-fiber for needling (nonwoven) and for spun-bond or melt-blown applications like diaper.
The suitable spin finishes for the different manufacturing technologies and uses are attached listed.
In case you have specific requirements, which are not covered by the following products, please feel free to contact us any time.

Spin-finishes for BCF yarn

Bulked Continous Filament / Carpet Yarn

D 2605

Use: Universal product, mainly semi-dull and solution-dyed yarns
Advantage: good thermal stability, low fuming in production and processing, high efficiency
Application: Jet-Application
Concentration: Neatoil / Emulsion
Down-stream use: capet-yarns for all applications

Also suitable for the production of CF-Yarns

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L 18-350

Use: Special product for the production of super-hydrophobic yarns
Advantage: extreme water-resistance
Concentration: Neatoil
Down-stream use: siliconized yarn for brushes like weather-stripe

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Spin-finish for FDY / CF

Full Drawn Yarn / Continous Filament

L 1863 TW

Use: Product for fine denier yarns solution-dyed
Advantage: low friction for good processability of the yarns in the down-stream, no migration
Application: Jet-Application
Concentration: 10-30% Emulsion
Down-stream uses: apparel, functional textiles (sportswear), mosquito net

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L 1863 DB

Use: Product for medium and high denier yarns solution-dyed
Advantage: Good running-properties in spinning and processing, no migration
Application: Jet-Application
Concentration: 10-30% Emulsion
Down-stream uses: apparel, interior, mattress-ticking

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Spin-finish for Spun-Bond / Melt-Blown Nonwoven / Staple-Fiber

Spun-Bond / Melt-Blown Nonwoven / Staple-Fiber

D 225

Use: Product for spun-bond / melt-blown nonwoven – providing hydrophilic properties
Advantage: good multiple re-wettability, Liquid strike through test
Application: Roller-Application
Concentration: 8-15% Emulsion
Down-stream uses: nonwoven for diaper-covering

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D 229 B

Use: Product for staple-fiber for needle-punch / nonwoven fabric
Advantage: High density fabric without an increase of the needle-temperature, low static charge for high processing speed
Application: Roller-Application
Concentration: 1-10% Emulsion
Down-stream uses: nonwoven for wrapping and packing, geotextiles

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